Feliz Año Nuevo

“Feliz año nuevo to my beautiful family and friends! 

It is 2015 already and I am still feeling as though it´s 2013. Yikes! Well this week has been great as always. I am sending one photo home this week, and I just want you all to take a good look at it. Yep, the sink fell off the wall.
Normal, normal, Ayutuxtepeque. I did the deep cleaning and you don’t even want to know what I found. Juela! I love this house I really do, and I think because I am showing so much love to this house, the Lord is truly blessing us. It´s been incredible. So let´s run through the blessings.
In the first time EVER this branch passed around a calendar to feed the missionaries. We have lunch and dinner for basically everyday this month. It has been a huge success, and we are treated so well. 
I feel bad one of Kava´s least fav food is tomatos, and I love tomatos. Haha, so one night, she dumped about ten tomato slices onto my ten slices. I shoveled those bad boys down before anyone saw. The life of a compaion. So many times in the mish, I blink my eyes, and some how I have double the chicken feet or beans, or whatever. Or my glass has been exchanged and some how I have a full cup, she has the empty cup. All my comps. Hahahaha, love it. But ya we have been fed so well, what a blessing. I love this ward. I truly feel a part of this ward family. They love us. And we love them.
We in two hours, found seven new peeps. Miracles, we were truly spiritually guided. A couple of those newbies were from a family we used to teach! Shoutout to Hermana O, I found Hector and his daughters! So happy.
Our new family… awesome. We got three of the five to church, we are aiming for all five next week! 
A dog literally almost ate my face off, ask Kava. Hahaha, I almost passed out, we were walking with the elders to this sketch place, that’s why I had them come with us. And we were walking, and out of a bush this huge dog/wolf thing that looks like it came from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! My goodness. It leaped out, and I fell back in Kava´s arms. Then the elder kicked it out of the way before it landed on me. Hahaha, I was dying laughing slash panicking. Haha, I just miss my precious nice cute little Juhl. None of these scary man eating werewolfs.
Just want to announce I bought a bag of butter toffees, and it was one of the best decisions I made this week. 
On new years Kava and I made time capsules out of pringle cans. I remembered making them when I was in activity days, so we made some. We stayed up till one, and listened to the fireworks. It was fun!
So I just want to share a final thought: here on the mish I really have learned how we must replace fear with faith. In all situations. I know that the Lord will always work with us if we don´t fear and just trust in Him. I came across this verse in the Bible this week, and I just love it. Mark 5: 36. I am so grateful for faith, because with it we can see miracles and we can do all things. So remember, don´t fear, just have faith.
I love you all, keep being incredible! Adios!

One thought on “Feliz Año Nuevo

  1. Melinda Ringer

    Oh my, oh my!!! That bathroom picture is a bit disturbing! Good thing the church is true!! I love Sister Patterson!


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