Hello from El Salvs

“Well, I don´t know how this happened, but I have six minutes left to write an email. Yikes. 

Well there are definitely six facts I can write about for the week.

1. I think the things Kava and I buy the most is toilet paper and coke. Haha, hashtag el salv missionary probs.

2. Did interchanges with Hirschi!! The dream finally came true! We were comps for the day! It was way too fast we just talked and talked and talked. So much to catch up on. I love her, so happy we started the mish together. We definitely feel weird we are heading back in two months. Yikes. 

3.Kava bought ten Zumba dvds for 8 bucks. We have been going hard.

4.We went to immigration for me this week, and so the tradition is, go to McDonalds. So we went for breakfast at 10:30, finished. Then at 11, it was lunch time, so we were like… well hey. So we had lunch as well. Haha, McDonald lovers.

5.I think one of my favorite comments that we got this week a few times was that Kava and I bring a special spirit into the homes. We got that from members and investigators. 
6. Got a weird foot fungus infection something, I am trying to post a photo but it´s not working. If you´re not a foot fan, don´t keep reading. But ya, it was blistering, I had holes in my feet, it was itchy, black dots, just not the best. Last night, I cleaned my feet, then found some foot ointment bacteria stuff in the first aid kit, it was expired but whateves. Prayed, went to bed. GONE. I have had it for about two weeks… gone. Miracles for the missionaries.

I love you all a lot. I am always reminded of how I have so many blessings in my life. The people are a  big part of that. The people here, in Belize, back home. Just thanks for loving me.

Hermana Patterson”

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