Buenas Dias

“Buenas dias peeps! Yes, it is an early morning, we are writing earlier because we are having a ¨super p-day¨. Haha, whatever that means? I have yet to experience one of these. We are going to hang out with the Hintze´s at their house. Kind of really exciting. So wow. Ready to write, so much good this week.

Well let´s start with FELIZ CUMPLEANOS HERMANA KAVA! She´s 20, I am no longer the ¨oldie¨. So for her birthday… hahaha, well it´s really hard to surprise your comp when she´s with you  24/7, so I pulled an almost all nighter getting some things ready. And yikes, shopping for her at Walmart was a struggle. Hahaha, she doesn´t like surprises, so she kept peeking. But I successfully managed to make it work. She´s awesome. Love her so much, we are just the best of friends.

So I want to share what the cutest members in the world did for her. We show up to the Fuentes house the night before her birthday and they completely decoreated their house like Hawaii! They spent all day decorating and their little 7 year old was asking all day when the sisters would be there. It was the sweetest thing ever! She hand made the flowers, cut down leaves, wrote the sign in english. It was tender and we ate some amazing enchiladas. Oh my. It was the cutest thing, and the cake they got was  beautiful with her name on it and everything. We were both just a little teary eyed, it was the cutest thing ever. I love the Fuentes fam.

Then the Cuellar family. On her birthday we went there for dinner, they made her a birthday sign out of magazines, and bought her another beautiful cake. We had so much fun. With them we speak english, they both have awesome english and so for them to practice we talk to them only in english. It was such a fun night! 


And many others did cute little things for their sister Lilo. She is loved by many… including me!

On Thursday, I scored for missionary mail! Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas cards, and grandma thanks for the calendar! So fun! I´ll write you all back soon!

So funny little story. Kava loves stickers… LOVES stickers. Aka has collected a collection of at least 30 sheets in two weeks. The struggle is real. Haha! So the other day she goes, ¨I feel like someone in a papeleria needs us.¨ And I said, ¨No you don´t, you just want more stickers.¨ ¨Well yes, but watch someone needs us.¨ Haha! A couple of  days go by, and sure enough we found a new papeleria and we met a very positive newbie. Yep, she was right. Hahaha! And now we will visit often, the lady is almost out of stickers. Haha! 

I hit sixteen months this week… AH! It was actually an amazing day. Funny, I have two months left, Kava has two months total. She realized that the other day and just about died. I love that I am here with her at the beginning and she´ll be here for me in the end. The weather was incredible, we played soccer in the morning. Ordered pizza. Had incredible lessons, just amazing.

So let´s get to the goods.

The other night I had a strong impression to call a less active sister. I told Kava, ¨Hey will you call Elba right now and see if she can make it to church tomorrow?¨ This girl always has work on Sundays, and so it was weird to ask if she could. Kava called, and this is what happens. Turns out she had just walked into her house, and that day she got Sundays off, and she was just thinking maybe I´ll go to church! We called right when she was thinking that. It was a cool little miracle I will always remember. 

Our Calderon family. Wow. They are incredible. Literally everytime Kava and I pray to know who needs us, we open our eyes, and there is the dad of this family! Three times, we have done that, and three times he passes by in the street. It´s kind of freaky actually! Haha! They have progressed incredibly! And the ward is being amazing, so friendly and loving! We got the entire fan there except the mom. We are feeling next Sunday. And they brought two cousins too. Karla is going to help be a leader at girls camp, they love her and want her to help them plan. Jose told us he really wants to serve a mission. And little Andres came to church for the first time and loved it. And Carlos, wow. He´s awesome! This family is a miracle. 

This week we challenged them to live the word of wisdom, and coffee is their only challenge. They are doing awesome. They haven´t had coffee for three days now. And these people are used to drinking it at least four times a day! What is so cute is that just before we taught the lesson and challenged them for a week not to drink, Karla had been drinking coffee… And hadn´t finished. So we left, and little Andres, ran into to the kitchen and said, ¨Karla what´s in your cup?¨ ¨Uhh…¨ Hahaha, he made her dump it down the drain. Hahaha, so cute! And Andres has been helping us with the whole fam! Watching everyone. We bought them some Swiss Miss and they really loved that. So please pray fpr them to stay strong!

We just have the best people in our area. Our members are incredible. Always helping, feeding us, and also looking out for us. Yesterday, we were talking to some sketch man, and Brother Arevalo saw us, pulls over, and like stood in the background, then jumped in to get us away from the guy. We have a lot of fathers in our ward. Makes us feel very protected.

That guy that wanted to give me a hug is still out and about. In fact last night he attempted. Hahaha! Don´t you love drunk men? Hashtag no touchy.

Someone asked if I was Kava´s daugther. This is not the first time on my mission I have been asked if I am the daughter of my comp. Haha, what in the world! Soy bebe.

The little girls in our ward call me Hermana Ana, as in Ana from Frozen. The boots, the hair, the eyes. Hermana Princessa! Cracks me up.

Normally in church, the assistance we have is about 70 in church, this week, 99! So many of the less actives we have been visiting came, and we got 8 investigators to church! Miracles! 

Oh, this was funny. There was a church group, that I don´t know why, but they had a HUGE party going on right in front of our house. They were all dressed up as clowns and it was creepy. Personally I have gained a huge fear of clowns, I´ve had some not so favored times dealing with people dressed up as clowns on the mish, anyways. They were blasting music all morning. When we left to go out, the man on the microphone shouted us out, and the entire church of about 80 people… well clowns, turned and looked at us. He yelled, ¨Hey you, come learn about true salvation from us!¨ Hmm, ya, no offense but I think I´ll stick to Jesus, not a clown. Oh man, don´t know what it was but YIKES. All of them were dressed as clowns dancing in a circle, I didn´t even realize it was a church! Hahaha, the daily in Ayutuxtepeque.

So I think that´s about it. Also want to write a quote I was given this week and loved, ¨Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.¨ Gordon B. Hinckley. Stay positive, positivity saves all. Be happy, be kind, and love others.

Love you all so much whether you´re in Las Vegas, Belize, El Salvs, Canada, etc… love you. Thanks for all your prayers!!

Sister Patterson.”


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