And So the Countdown Begins…

Hello everyone, Tori’s mom here.  Last week Tori’s email was this:

“Sorry couldn’t write this week, I had to use my time for some missionary files, love you all!”

One sentence people!  I obviously did not post it on the blog.  I was surprised this week when more people besides my parents were asking what happened and why there was no blog post.  Then she did not email until late in the afternoon today.  I thought I was going to go crazy.  In this week’s email she ends it with “6 more emails to go”  and I am thinking that even when she gets home she still will need to write me a weekly email…..  so without further adieu:

“Okay, just want to give a big sorry for not writing last week! Ahh, I’m horrible. It’s just I had a million things I had to do, didn’t have time. So this week, I’ll write mucho.

Well, ya… it’s February. Does that make anyone else sick? Yikes. ONLY SIX MORE EMAILS. How does that make you feel? Sick? Anyone, anyone? And once again, yikes. Here we are entering in the next change. Changes are in two days, we’re pretty confident we are staying together, like no worries. Which will be awesome, because I’ll be with Baby Kava, and “die” in the area I was “born” in. #AyutuxtepequeForLife.
Ahhh, can’t believe it. Just don’t even like thinking about it. Just can’t imagine not being a mish, what was life like before? I always couldn’t stand it at BYUI when every single RM just went on and on about their mission and that’s all they talked about, and it was like alright cool, get out now. And now… that will be me! Hahaha! I’m sorry friends. Belize and El Salv stories for the centuries. 
So what went down these past two weeks…. oh ya… TWO BAPTISMS! Surprise surprise! Yes, so now I want to give a nice little shout out to our amazing Calderon’s who I love so much. So recap on how we foud them, the process, etc.
So eight weeks ago I was called to open an area and train a new little “gringa baby”. I was on an airplane back to El Salvs, and I can’t say I wasn’t a little bit nervous. BUT excited and basically my dreams came true. My whole mish I wanted to train. And Aytuxt was my only area I didn’t have a baptism, so it was literally an answer to prayers, returning back. We were left with three or five investigators, all investigators that were old when I was teaching them a year ago. Yikes. It was time for newbies. One night, we were out on the streets of El Salvs, and Kavs said, “Patt, someone needs us right now.” I told her I’d say a prayer. I asked God to put someone on that street that we were on, the next person we would talk too. That they would be prepared for the gospel and that they woud be baptized in January. Two minutes after praying, we were walking and a dog tried to eat me, the usual. That would be Boni the dog. She ran out, and that’s when we met Carlos Calderon. He was so interested in the church. And that’s where it all began. Lately we found out earlier that week before we found him, he passed by the church and had that feeling like he should be a part of it, and go. But didn’t because he didn’t want to go uninvited. And we found him days later. Their progression is just wow. I can’t even explain in email. They just loved it. Jose’s number one desire is to serve a mission, he is sixteen, and now is preparing to serve in two years. Then Carlos is already learning so much, and such a good fit in the ward. I want to share a cute little story from last week too. Well their only prob was their coffee. Oh my, El Salvadoreans loooooooooove their coffee. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternnon, dinner, before bed. And for them… when we told them that drinking coffee was something they would need to stop… you should’ve seen their faces! But they accepted the challenge. Just before the lesson that night, Karla had a cup and had put it down on the table for the lesson. So after we left little Andres said to Karla, “Hey… is that coffee. The sisters said you can’t drink that!” Karla was like, “I’ll just finish it off.” “No!” And he drained it down the sink. Hahaha! Then about a week into the challenge. Sister Kava and I passed by Mister Pan. As we passed Kava said, “Patt, someone needs us right now.” “Again?” Haha, I said a prayer in my heart, just asking God would put us where he needed us. I then had this insane craving for a donut. And then two minutes later we saw Karla. We asked where she was headed, “Mister Pan to pick up my dad!” You mean the Mister Pan that has complimentary coffee with a pan dulce. Why yes. In we went. CAUGHT red handed! Hahaha! Carlos was bright red. “Hermanas?!” Hahaha, he accidently got it, just out of habit. Then he ordered a round a Jaimaca juice for us all. It was a good little lesson, on how God’s always watching. Haha, and so sometimes he sends his little american sisters to catch you. After that we stopped by Mister Pan basically everyday and there he was with his pan ducle (sweet bread) and jamaica juice. So sweet. Anyways, just a lot of miracles with this family. The baptism was of Carlos and Jose, father and son. And we are still teaching the rest of this beautiful fam. Love them. The other night, the mom took us out for pupusas, and this week we are planting her garden. Karla was part of New Beginnings, sang and had a part. She is incredible, she’s like our sister. Love this family so much. It’s so amazing what the gospel does! This gospel is true and it changes and saves lives. I testify to that.
Well, we already found a solid three awesome news this week, excited to see them progress. This work is flourishing. Oh and fun thing, the ward handed out a calendar for February to feed us… they were fighting over it, my goodness. We have lunch and dinner for literally everyday of this month! Haha! That was another factor of coming into the area, pres told me, “Hermana Patterson your job is to train, open, and make the members love you.” I love these members. Oh my gosh! Obsessed with everyone, I feel like it’s my family ward. Incredible. And yesterday we presented our activity idea… we are doing a Hawaiian luau on the 7th of Marzo! Super excited! And we got a new mish leader, Brother Fuentes, who we already loved.
On to the funnies, this week I met a cat named Rasputin Vergolio.
A sister in the ward said, “I remember your first day you couldn’t say anything. And when I asked you how much time you had in your mission, you said, “Un poquito.”” She thought that was the funniest thing ever. I couldn’t speak at all when I was here, and Kava is talking like she has seven months in the mish. It’s no big deal. Love her and so proud of her.
Oh and the other day I realized… I’m white! Haha, my goodness, I have forgotten that for some time. I guess, I’m just used to the weird stares and such, or the creepy men that pass by and say, “Mi angel.” and such. Yikes. Anyways, I guess in my head, I am Belizean/El Salvadorean. And it’s not till I look at pics or what not I realize it. Also Kava said, “Patt you stick out like a sore thumb here.” Haha! I’m going to freak out going home. 
Oh and hello, so this morning…. my dream came true… WE WENT TO VOLCAN! The volcano! Just about cried, it was beautiful. I will send photos of everything next week/sorry about that. And the baptism.
Ah, so yes. There you have it family and friends. Thanks for the blog support ps, so grateful for it. SIX MORE EMAILS… just saying.
Okay love you all, keeping you in my prayers as always.
Love, Patt.”

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