You Aren’t Failing

“Well, the week flew as it always does, but especially these past months, I feel like time is running faster than I am. I would like to just sit for a minute. Yikes! I just am soaking in every little thing and moment here in Ayutuxt. Listening to the rats and pigeons on our ceiling, eating pupusas and drinking hot chocolate every night, listening to the ¨fireworks¨ (gun shots) behind our house, getting sunburnt, walking up and down what we call the mountain, speaking to everyone and their cats in spanish, getting whistled at by every eighty year old man that we pass by, and running away from big scary dogs. Haha, aren’t missions the best? Just thinking about the culture I live in and the culture I am now adjusted to… to think about going back home? Juela. That will be weird. 

So this week we got new peeps in the zone, hallelujah! The missionaries in our zone are so fun! And our zone leaders are super good at pumping us up to work. I am excited for this last change! Hashtag five more weeks. 
Jose worked with us this past week as a missionary, he did awesome! He testified, invited others to church, and prayed for families. We are so proud of him!
This week, my spiritual thought would be about agency. Sometimes as missionaries we literally do everything we can, we leave the house earlier to visit, we contact for hours in the sun, we plan lessons, we pray for people, we take the hits, the list goes on, but the point is we do just about anything they ask and do anything we can, to help these people progress in this gospel and gain trust in us. And sometimes plans don´t work out as we want them too. It can be hard. When they choose not to read, not go to church, not be baptized, etc. It can get us down. But I was reading in “Preach My Gospel” about successful missionaries. And how as missionaries, our responsibility is to do all we can and have the spirit with us. Then we are successful. And not get discouraged when other’s agency leads them otherwise. It really helped me this week, to remember that as long as we are doing all we can the Lord is pleased. And I think that applies to real life as well. Sometimes we do all we can to help others, loved ones, people at work, etc. And sometimes they don´t change, they don´t want our help, etc. But I know that God is pleased with you for making the effort to reach out to those around you. Just be that representive of Jesus Christ. Serve others, listen to the spirit, and remember to always do your part and your best. We are on the Lord’s errand, all of us.
Love you all!!!

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