I Love This Thing Called A Mission

“Feliz dia de San Valentin! How are you all doing? So happy to be writing again. Lots of fun stories to share this week…

Well, to start I got a two ¨snakes¨ this week. That term in the mish means if a guy likes you and is flirty or what not, they are ¨snakes¨. Oh my. Where to begin?
Well one day we were on the bus, a bunch of elders and us. And there was a guy that got on the bus and was selling these candies. What they do is they get on the bus and yell what it is how much it is, then walk down the aisle if you want it. So he´s passing by and comes up to me, puts it in my face, and I said, ¨no gracias¨ (no thank you). Then he got close and whispered, ¨Para ti.¨ (For you) BAHAHAHA! And handed me a handful of free candies. All the elders started hissing like snakes and moving their ties like snakes, so embarrassing, I was dying. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Why.
Another one of my snakes is someone who is always around the hood. So one day this week we passed by him walking, his back was to us, we walked past and I heard, ¨Quiero visitar Las Vegas un dia…¨ (I want to visit Las Vegas one day….) I turned around, homeboy say what. We have never talked to him before, nor told him where I was from. Haha! My luck. We talked to him, it was creepy. But hilarious. Making friends mom.
Those will be the two snake stories I´ll share, I think if I shared anymore, you´d all be concerned. Haha!
Now for an embarrassing story. Well to start, last Monday we went to Walmart. Kav´s and I always buy like four or six rolls of toilet paper right, but then it´s like this annoying thing to keep restocking. So I saw on sale for five bucks I could get 32 rolls. What a steal right? So I was all about that. So I put it in my tiny basket. So scared for any of the elders to see me and my pile of tp bigger then me. Had success, till we were assigned to the check out line and there were our zone leaders. Oh hey guys. Oh my gosh. I ended up buying 32 rolls of toilet paper and a night gown. Who am I? Then they asked why we were buying so much… and I got awkward and didn´t know what to say… ¨Ummm, we go to the bathroom a lot?¨ ¨Oh… nice.¨ Hashtag Kava was dying laughing in the background. And then the night gown, another story. Hastag they are just so comfy.
Now for a few randoms. Dogs here eat tortillas, it´s the norm. People put chile on their icecream and snowcones. Got my boots shined by a less active in the ward! He shined them red, super sweet. My poor boots, the are the only pair of shoes I have. They needed a shoe shine.
Best news ever: Jose Calderon is going to seminary, can´t even begin to tell you how many times we prayed about that. SO HAPPY!  And I found out Slater is in my old area in Orange Walk and Hunter is in Belmopan in my old area. SO HAPPY! 
Hey, I met an RM that knows Jake McDonald! His name is Elder Fortinez! So weird, what a small world. I don´t know if you remember a year ago his mom showed my a little mission year book thing with pictures, and I saw Jake there, well now that elder is back! 
So this a cute story. There is a little girl in our ward who has a stuffed animal that´s a bug and she named it, ¨Ohmygoodness¨. Hahaha! So cute, she heard someone on youtube say, ¨oh my goodness¨ and so her bug is named that. Well for valentine´s day her mom bought Kava and I mini valentine ¨ohmygoodnesses¨! So sweet!
Now last night, my goodness. We were at this activity and I was getting attacked. Haha! Just cause I am heading back home in a month. So in a matter of three minutes someone said, ¨You got fat in your mission, you´re going to get off the plane and your mom will say, ¨That´s not my daughter!¨.¨ Hahaha, what the? Then someone said, ¨Yikes sister Patterson you are really red.¨ (Hashtag got sunburnt). Then I turned to Kav´s and said, ¨I´m just trying to be pretty.¨ Hahaha, I don´t know if that story is funny to you but Kava and I were dying. What the? It´s a culture thing here, people always tell you you´re fat or ugly whether you are or not. You just can´t get offended, I´m so used to it now. Hashtag latino el salv culture. But yikes. Mom I hope you still recognize me!
Well, to finish on Sunday in Relief Society class we had a great lesson on prayer, faith, success and miracles. My favorite topics. I know and testify as we excercise faith, especially with prayer, we will see miracles. That is the story of my mission. We had a missionary come home this past week and she said, ¨What is one word that you would explain in your mission as.¨ She said, ¨Conversion.¨ Which I really liked. But I thought about it all week. And the word I would use to explain would be, ¨Miracles.¨ I love my mission, and I am so happy I made the decision to go. It´s the best.
Love you all, now we´re down to four more emails.
Sista Patt.”

One thought on “I Love This Thing Called A Mission

  1. Denise Sugden

    While I am glad for your mom that you will be home soon, oh how I will miss the weekly lift I have. Had from your emails!! Loves


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