Blessings Beyond Blessings

“Okay, might have to claim this the fastest week of my mission, it FLEW. I think it´s beause we were packed with a million things!! Well. What a good week.

To start I hit 17 months Tuesday… I only have like twenty four days till I am back and everyone is here to remind me of that. Seriously that seems to be the only topic that people can talk with me. Like not a ¨hey sista patt how´s it going?¨ More of a ¨hey old lady I heard you´re ¨dying¨ soon.¨ (Mission term for ending the mish, don´t freak.) Ya, I have lots friends. Haha, it´s been crazy. Just so I´d focus more these next few days, I moved my pictures away from my desk, into my room, I have so many pics, but I put a few that I could fit.
Then I redecorated my desk area. I did put Las Vegas there, as you can see. But ya.
During Sunday School our teacher somehow turned the lesson into me and my life and how I will get married fast. Wait, what? no! Haha! Kava and I were dying!
We were at a church meeting and we left the gate open and a man came in, a member, and said, ¨Missionaries, you forgot to shut the door, the gangs will get in and we´ll have problems.¨ Somehow that is so normal to me now. But I feel completely a peace with it. Hashtag just happen to live in the most dangerous country in Central America. Hahaha! Hashtag el salv probs.
We went to dinner at one of my favorite sister´s house, and she said, ¨Thank you for coming I love when you do, because then there are angels in my home. You bring such a special spirit.¨ So sweet.
Kava has a new obsession with El Salvadoreño tortillas. I love it, it´s hilarious. She can get ten for 60 cents. Holla.
I ate a powered donut the other day, reminded me of Jess Koegler.



Tori meeting her cousin Jess on Christmas Day 2014 in San Salvador.

That crazy guy that wants to hug me came out of the bar when we passed it and yelled, ¨I LOVE THAT GIRL WITH GREEN EYES EVERYBODY! HELLO BEAUTIFUL!¨ Hahahaha, we were dying. What is wrong with you?
Speaking of snakes. Found one yesterday in our backyard. I was cleaning up back there… in the dark… with just flip flops and I saw something dark, so I grabbed my flashlight. If I had stepped ONE stepped closer… bleh. The ants were eating it, it was so gross! What the nut! In this backyard I have seen everything. Rats, taratulas, snakes, giant lizards, ants, bess, etc. It´s the best! 
So get this… we had a baptism this past weekend! We baptized cute Elena Velasquez. Her husband is a member, recently. They have a baby of almost three months. And so we completed the family! And William baptized her! It was beautiful!!! Such a cute little family entering into such a great future in the gospel. Love them. SO proud of her and him.
We had a movie night, we watched Meet The Mormons, the ward loved it. As always, Kava and I were bawling. If you haven´t seen it, I highly recommend it!
Kava and I were asked that night if we could give talks the next morning, and so we did. We nailed it. It was insanely spiritually and there were tears shed. Everywhere. It was awesome! I am so grateful for my misison and the experieces I now have to share of faith and just well just about everything. I shared the story of the Che Family, love them.
Well, I think that´s the majority, I am sending pics this week! Por fin! Now you can see some updates, some are old. 

Filling the font with Kava


Her zone at the volcano.


Tori mentioned in her last private email to me that she is getting really tired of her current clothes. I would suggest that this outfit testifies to the fact that her wardrobe is seriously below her pre-mission standards…. Pic is of Tori, Sister Hirshci and an Elder that entered the MTC the same time as her.


Looking down into the volcano

Love you all, keep staying strong, can´t believe there are three more emails left basically.
Love you.
Patt. “

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