I Believe.

“Well, last week I said that it was the fastest week of my mish, NO, THIS was the fastest week of my mish, last week was second fastest. Oh my goodness. Everything is becoming a blur.

Here´s the run through. Well our ZL´s are so much fun and we have had awesome p-days this whole change thank goodness. Today we are going to do a water balloon/game event. And last Monday we went to a softball stadium and played kickball, I fell horribly and it was super cute… lies. Well the creepy men on the wall thought it was a hoot and a holla. Yikes, I flipped over my head and rolled in the dirt and knocked down an elder… But I got to third base on time, so it was worth it. Haha! Oh and we went to Wendys after and I had my first Wendy frosty shake since leaving El Salvs in 2013, oh my heavenly. Going back to Rexburg won´t be a problem… WENDYS all day everyday. Hastag 3309 girls.
Well I buried the snake that I found. Had a ceremony and it is now buried in the back. 
Someone told me the trick to get married after the mish is to not show anyone my mission photos, I was like why? Because just look at you! Hahahaha, I have so many friends! What the?
We talked to girls who walked past us. One had a shirt with Las Vegas on it and the other Hawaii! Is that not freaky!!?
We had a sister´s meeting Wednesday, I was a bawling mess, either the spirit was really strong, or my eyes were sweating. Man, it was good. I love Sister Hintze so so so so so so much. Spiritual uplift for the rest of the mish!
The Hintze´s told me they are extending my mission and they don´t want me to leave! I love them. They also want to buy me new shoes. Haha!
Did interchanges and worked in Mejicanos with Sister Jepson (also from Vegas) for the day! 
Speaking of Vegas, got my flight plans! Ahhhh! Can´t wait to see you all!
Well, long story short Kava and I owed our ZL´s five pizzas, for helping us out big time last week with movie night, it´s a complicated story. But anyways, they ending up going to Santa Ana just to get us the dvd we needed… And so we took them to pizza… ya. We ended up buying 32 pieces of pizza… and there were only four of us… I ate nine slices. Man, we were dying. Never again! Haha, but it was fun!
Our baptism was Friday and it was beautiful. One of those memorable ones. Just beautiful, the spirit was so strong and peaceful. Valeria is such a sweet girl, she is like our little sister. She is humble, willing, and beautiful inside and out. So proud of her. We started teaching her, at the beginning of January. She was so happy! A lot of support and love.
We also helped out with a baptism of the elders. The girl getting baptized had a bit of a freak out before, she is scared of water. So we talked her through it, helped her, just there is so much more to the miracles that happened that night, but I´ll need two hours more to write it all out. 
I definitely believe in prayers of faith, and I love the verse, Matthew 21:22. It´s so true. I believe in miracles, I believe in Faith, and I believe in God. 
17 days….
Hermana Patt”
DSCN3130 DSCN3137

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